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How to Sow Giant Sweet Purple Lemon Herb Seeds

How to Sow Giant Sweet Purple Lemon Herb Seeds

Also known as purple bee balm, horsemint or monarda citriodora, this variety of herb will grow to be around 4 feet in height. Once fully grown, adult plants can spread over 3 feet in diameter. Native to southern coasts of the USA and Mexico, purple lemon herb has a sweet lemon aroma. Originally a member of the mint family, it is commonly added to cake mixes, in wines and liqueurs. Adding a citrus zing to dishes and drinks, this variety of herb is easy to grow and maintain in UK weather conditions.

Growing Purple Lemon Bee Balm from Seeds

  • Seeds can be started indoors, on a windowsill or in a greenhouse or conservatory. Only start outdoors, after there is no more danger of frosts. Start in seed trays, or sow where intended to grow in warmer months,
  • Ideal germination temperatures are from between 18-15 degrees. Sow 1/8″ deep in a quality seed compost. Ensure it is free draining, and does not retain pooling water.
  • Plant in a location which receives full sunlight, keeping the soil moist but not over watered. Germination can take from between 10-30 days, allow time for seeds to germinate. Low temperatures can decrease germination rates.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of 3″ transplant to their final growing location. Leaving a spacing of at least 6 inches between plants.
  • Adult purple lemon herb plants will grow quickly, and be more tolerable to cooler climates. Flowers should begin to bloom around Autumn time.

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