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How to Sow White Flower Catnip Seeds

How to Sow White Flower Catnip Seeds

A stunning variety of flowering herb, which is adored by pets around the world. Typically a hardy perennial, which is native to Asia, Europe and Middle Eastern countries. If allowed to grow, white catnip can reach a maximum height of 24 inches. Great for ground cover, as the plant will spread through each yearly season. Perfect for harvesting in catnip based treats, or as a stunning fragrant garden flower. With its minty fresh aroma, white catnip plants are commonly harvested as a herb. Flowering throughout summer and attracting pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Once flowering is complete, catnip will seed and begin to spread throughout its given area. Selectively harvest for a constant supply of fresh catnip.

How to Grow Catnip Plants from Seed

  • Sow sparingly in pots or seed trays, using a high quality seed compost which is well drained. Maintain a constant minimum temperature of 15 degrees, for maximum germination rates.
  • If sowing outdoors, wait until mid spring when the weather has warmed up. If possible, provide cover until seedlings emerge. Ensure the ground is well worked.
  • Germination will take a maximum of 2-3 weeks, be patient as they can take a while to germinate. Ensure the soil is kept moist and does not dry out.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of around 2 inches, they can be transplanted. White catnip seedlings are more tolerable to cooler and varying weather conditions.

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