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How to Sow Pure White Forget me Not Seeds

How to Sow Pure White Forget me Not Seeds

Commonly harvested for use in salads, as a garnish or an ingredient in forget me not sweets. Also known as myosotis alpestris, this flowering plant produces pure white blooms throughout summer. Underneath is leafy green foliage, which is bushy in nature. Due to its ability to spread, white forget me not is often used as a border filler, as bedding or ground cover. This is a culinary species which is versatile, allowing forget me nots to thrive in pots, planters and containers. A hardy biennial, which grows perfectly fine alongside most garden plants. Reaching a maximum height of 8 inches tall, plants will run to seed and begin to spread after flowering.

Growing White Forget me Nots from Seed

  • Can be sown either indoors anytime, or outdoors at certain times of the year. If starting outdoors, sow from mid spring until mid summer. This is the best time, as the ground should be sufficiently warm.
  • Sow in pots or seed trays, filling with a good quality seed compost. Sow seeds around 3mm deep, scattering with a small spacing between seeds. For ground cover, space the seeds equally throughout the ground which is to be covered.
  • If planting outdoors, rake the ground so it is not clumped. Well worked soil mixed with compost, will work best for ground sown forget me nots.
  • Ensure the soil or compost is kept moist, placing the pots or trays in a sunny location. For best results, ensure consistent minimum temperatures of 16 degrees until germination is complete.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of 2″ they can be safely transplanted. If sown in pots, they can also be left to grow on.

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