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How to Sow Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds

How to Sow Johnny Jump up Viola Seeds

Viola tricolor, commonly known as Johnny Jump Up, captivates with its tri-coloured blooms that range from rich purple uppers to purple-to-yellow lower petals, accentuated by dark purple whiskers. Not only are these flowers a visual treat, but they are also edible, finding their way into salads, drinks, and baked goods as garnishes or decorations.

Growing Johnny Jump up Pansies from Seeds

  • Soil Preparation Advice: Johnny Jump Up Violas flourish best in a location with adequate light and warmth. Before sowing, ensure the ground is workable and has been enriched with organic matter to improve its moisture-retaining properties.
  • Seed Sowing Advice: Indoors, place seeds in trays or pots filled with quality potting mix and cover lightly with fine soil or vermiculite. For direct outdoor sowing, sprinkle the seeds on a well-prepared bed and cover lightly with fine soil. Always maintain moderate soil moisture, avoiding waterlogging.
  • Seed Spacing: To promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms, space seeds or transplanted seedlings approximately 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) apart.
  • Germination: Johnny Jump Up seeds thrive when germinating at temperatures between 15°C to 20°C. To boost germination indoors, keep seeds in darkness by placing trays in a dark room or covering them with a black polythene wrap/film which also aids moisture retention.

How to Care for Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds

  • Maintenance: Once seedlings are established, they prefer regular watering and sufficient sunlight. Deadhead spent flowers to stimulate new blooms and prune or cut back foliage as necessary for plant health.
  • Maturity: These tri-coloured beauties will bloom from early summer through to the end of autumn in the UK, enhancing gardens with their unique colours and patterns.
  • Common Pests or Diseases: Monitor your Johnny Jump Up Violas for pests such as aphids or diseases like mildew. For aphid infestations, a mild insecticidal soap can be effective. Ensure good air circulation to reduce the risk of mildew and consider fungicidal treatment if necessary.

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