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How to Sow China Aster Seeds

How to Sow China Aster Seeds

China aster is a cool weather plant, with its perfect double chrysanthemum like flowers in a variety of colours. A hardy plant, which has the ability to last a long time after cutting. This makes them perfect for displays, in bouquets or in a vase. China aster can be grown in containers or window boxes, as they have shallow roots. Blooming in stunning shades of pink, purple and white. China aster flower heads sit atop leafy foliage, making them a florists favourite.

How to Grow China Aster from Seed

  • China aster can be grown indoors or outdoors, with enough sunlight and warmth. Due to its small roots, sowing seeds in pots 1/2cm deep is ideal.
  • Sow seeds outdoors after the last frost, and plant 1cm deep, keeping the soil moist but well drained. For best results maintain a constant germination temperature of between 12-20 degrees.
  • The germination period takes between 7 to 21 days, keeping in mind to keep the soil moist during this time.
  • Once established transport to an area with full sun and part shade with a spacing of 45cm apart.
  • Remove the dead flowers to encourage the flower to blossom again.

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