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How to Sow Cucamelon Seeds

How to Sow Cucamelon Seeds

Cucamelon is a fast growing perennial climber and will grow to approximately 3 metres tall. Cucamelon also has small yellow flowers which complement the small fruit. This lovely refreshing mini fruit tastes like a mixture of watermelon and lime, which make them great to go in salads. Despite coming from central America they are easily grown, indoors, in an unheated greenhouse or outside in a sunny sheltered area. For the best harvest pick the fruit between July and September. When growing cucamelon you won’t get the usual pests to contend with.

Sowing Guidance for Cucamelon Seeds

  • While sowing cucamelon seeds they will require constant warmth during the germination period, using a heated propagator or a location that will stay very warm. Keeping the temperature between 20 to 25C.
  • Cucamelon seeds germination time will be between 10 and 14 days provided they are kept at the desired temperature.
  • Plant the cucamelon seeds as early as mid spring in 3 inch pots with a seed depth of half an inch in fresh soil or a good compost. For best results plant under glass or a sheltered sunny area.
  • When it’s time to transplant into their final position which will be no more than 3 weeks after seeding be careful not to damage the tap root as they are fragile.
  • Cucamelon can tolerate the drought more than cucumbers, be careful not to over water also make sure to provide plenty of support and room as they will climb and spread out.
  • Harvesting the fruit will encourage the plant to keep producing cucamelons.

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