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How to Sow Mixed Snapdragon Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Snapdragon Seeds

One of the tallest of the majus family, with long, thick stems reaching around 30 inches high. Unique in many ways, snapdragon flowers produce a stunning range of mixed colours. With plume like blooms and ruffled edges. These plants really are an eye catching garden flower. Native to the United Kingdom, Canada, North Africa and Europe, this hardy plant can be seen emerging from rock formations, or in dense soil. Do snapdragons spread? As a self seeding plant, once snapdragons reach the seeding stage, they will release seeds which will spread via insects/birds/weather.

Growing Snapdragons from Seed

  • If growing in the UK, seeds can be sown indoors in sheltered conditions. For outdoor growth, still start seeds inside allowing 8-10 weeks before the final frosts of the year. This should ensure sufficient time for the ground to warm up.
  • Snapdragon seeds can only be planted directly outside, from Mar-Apr onward. When the UK weather has warmed.
  • Prior to planting any seeds, chill them overnight in a refrigerator in a tissue/tub. This will simulate the “final frost” and place the seeds in a germination state.
  • Using a quality grade seed compost, plant the seeds sparingly in pots or trays. Allow around 1/2″ between each seed if possible. Next cover with approximately 1/16″ of compost.
  • Allow lots of sunlight, keeping the compost moist until signs of germination appear. Once seedlings approach a height of around 3 inches, they can then be handled. Allow at least 10 inches between each seedling once moved, this ensures sufficient space for roots to establish.
  • If the winter is moderate, you can expect snapdragons to last easily into the next year. However placing in a greenhouse, will ensure winter survival if temperatures become very cold in winter months.

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