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How to Sow Mixed Colour Sunflower Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Colour Sunflower Seeds

Mixed colour sunflower, is a variety that consists of double coloured flowers. Blooming in stunning reds, browns, orange and gold tones with dark centres, large stems and multiple heads. Included in each pack is a variety of mixed size sunflowers, with heads ranging from between 4 to 8″ This make them perfect for a vase or centre piece. Mixed colour sunflowers are edible and can be used in cooking, as a vegetable or harvesting the seeds to roast and eat them.

How to Cultivate Mixed Colour Sunflower Seeds

  • Seeds can be grown indoors given enough light, once they reach 2 to 3″ tall you can transplant them into their final place. This helps to protect the early stems from pests, as they can be consumed entirely in their early stage.
  • Germination will take around 2-3 weeks at very most, for all varieties included. Plant sunflower seeds approximately 1/4″ deep in fresh soil or compost. Starting indoors ensures is the best option.
  • Seeds can be sown directly outside, until 100 days before the final frost. Ensure temperatures are above 20 degrees during the germination period.
  • When the plants are small take care to protect them from slugs and snails.
  • Mixed colours sunflowers may need help as they grow, you can use a stake or support to help while the stalks harden.
  • You can harvest the whole sunflower, the head and the seeds are edible. you can grill the head whole or you can roast the seeds to enhance the flavour for eating whole.

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