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How to Sow Moss Rose Portulaca Seeds

How to Sow Moss Rose Portulaca Seeds

Moss rose portulaca grows in a stunning array of pastel colours. The ideal plant for pots, containers, rock displays or planters. Stems come together to create a beautiful bush effect. A great space filler for gardens. For best results, keep established plants somewhere warm and sunny. Typically under natural outdoor conditions, flowers will bloom from June through to October. Portulaca is self seeding and will spread throughout its given area.

Tip: Keep contained in pots or containers to prevent spreading, or let the plants spread providing a splash of colour to borders.

How to Cultivate Portulaca Seeds

  • Seeds can be started indoors at any time. For outdoor sowing, plant in February or April for best results.
  • Always plant seeds under cover, using a fine grade seed compost to allow the small seeds to establish a stronger root system.
  • Sow on the surface of the above mentioned compost. Do not press in, as they need light to germinate. Under the correct conditions, seeds should begin to show signs of germination within 10-21 days. Ensure the temperature remains between approximately 18-21 degrees constantly.
  • Place a clear polythene bag or wrap around the pot(s) to maintain adequate moisture. Glass on top also works well, providing the pot is large enough.
  • Once you have established seedlings, they should be stable enough to handle. At this point, transplant to your desired location. This can be cooler or warmer than germination temperatures.
  • Please do not plant outside when the ground is very cold/frozen, or is soon to be. The plants can only tolerate these conditions once they have been established outdoors.

Please note: portulaca seeds are quite small. So please handle with care and allow good spacing if possible. Mix some horticultural sand, or vermiculite into the provided bag. Then mix by shaking. This allows for easy pouring into your compost filled pots.

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