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How to Sow Mini Alpine Strawberry Seeds

How to Sow Mini Alpine Strawberry Seeds

Mini alpine strawberries originate from Germany, with adult plants producing an abundance of small, super sweet red fruits. A fruit plant which is very aromatic, especially if grown indoors. Each plant will bloom small white flowers yearly. With this variety being able to produce fruits, if started early enough in the year. A bushy plant, which will grow in hanging baskets, pots, planters or in the garden. Strawberry plants will produce fruits from early summertime until late autumn.

How to Cultivate Mini Alpine Strawberry from Seed

  • Can be sown and grown indoors and outdoors in pots, containers or window boxes in a location that gets full sun and warmth.
  • The germination period takes between 3 to 4 weeks keeping the soil moist and well drained and at a temperature of 18c during the germination period.
  • Strawberry seeds benefit from cold treatment for 2 weeks in the freezer. Allowing seeds to warm up to room temperature naturally afterwards. Place them in the bag provided for around 2 weeks. This is known as cold stratification.
  • Sow seeds on the surface of good compost or fertile soil, cover them with a very light layer of soil and keep them moist.
  • Once seedlings get their second set of leaves they can be thinned to 4″ apart or can be transplanted to a new location with plenty of sunlight.
  • Do not plant strawberries in a location that has had potatoes, peppers, Aubergine, tomatoes or raspberries in.

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