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How To Sow Double Daisy Autumn Rudbeckia Seeds

How to Sow Double Daisy Autumn Rudbeckia Seeds

Stunning in borders and bedding, this versatile annual will grow easily indoors or outdoors. Perfect in pots or containers, alongside most garden plants. This makes autumn rudbeckia a gardeners favourite, with their stunning bi coloured flowers. Seeds once grown, will produce deep red flowers. With a chocolate centre and classic daisy bright yellow tips. Blooms will reach around 5 inches wide, with leafy green foliage, sitting on top of tall stems, which can reach up to 2ft in height. Also known as double gloriosa daisy, rudbeckia will flower throughout the Summer months into late Autumn. A flower which is native to North America, used commonly as a cut flower in displays due to its long stems.

How to Germinate Rudbeckia Seeds

  • Best germination rates occur under cover, providing a minimum temperature of 20 degrees. Using a high quality seed compost, either indoors or outdoors if the conditions are warm enough.
  • Press seeds gently into the growing medium, covering lightly with a layer of vermiculite if possible. Place pots or trays in an area which receives plenty of sunlight.
  • A free draining compost will reduce the chance of over watering. Ensure the compost is kept moist. Germination will occur within 10-15 days, under ideal conditions.
  • Rudbeckia seedlings can be transplanted, once they reach a height of around 2-3 inches. Only plant outside after no more frosts are due for the year.
  • Removing weaker flower heads, will prolong the overall flowering period. Or Selectively harvest smaller flower heads, to encourage new growth.

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