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How to Sow Red Sorrel Seeds

How to Sow Red Sorrel Seeds

Appealing in flavour and colour, this leafy green perfectly complements salads with its tart and lemony flavouring. Distinctive through the red veins which run central through the dense clumps of green leaves, the Red Sorrel is attractive in both the kitchen and the garden. Easy to grow from seed in garden beds or containers, the leaves are best harvested when adding to salads, soups, and pestos.

Growing Red Veined Sorrel Plants from Seeds

  • Between March and September sow outdoors thinly in drills, in well prepared and well drained fine soil.
  • In exposed areas and/or a cold Spring protect early sowings with a cloche.
  • Allow approximately 30cm between rows. Ideal germination temperatures are between 13-22 degrees.
  • Seeds can be started indoors at any time.
  • Germinates in 14-21 days (30-60 days to harvest).
  • During dry periods, keep moist to avoid the young plants going to seed.
  • As plants mature, harvest a few leaves from young outer leaves progressively.
  • Best harvested young as leaves can get tough when mature.

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