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How to Sow Pastel Baby Doll Seeds

How to Sow Pastel Baby Doll Seeds

Pastel baby doll is a half hardy perennial, that is a neat compact plant. Once fully grown, will reach a final height of 15cm with an abundance of large showy bi coloured flowers. Blooming in a stunning mix of pinks, purple and white that will bloom until the first frost. The ideal plant to grow, making them great in containers, pots, window boxes, garden flower beds or borders.

Cultivation Guide for Sowing Pastel Baby Doll from Seed

  • Pastel baby doll can be sown and grown indoors or outdoors. Sow from Feb-April indoors, or directly outdoors from Jun-Oct
  • The germination period takes between 14 to 28 days, keeping the soil moist but well drained with a temperature between 15 to 20C.
  • Sow around 1/4″ deep in fresh compost. Ensure the compost is well watered, placing in a sunny location.
  • If sowing directly outdoors be sure to wait until the last frost has passed, the ground has had time to warm up and is workable.
  • Pastel baby doll prefers cooler weather conditions during germination and more so when blooming.
  • Trim back the first flowers after they have started to fade to encourage new growth.

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