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How to Sow British Cucumber Seeds

How to Sow British Cucumber Seeds

British cucumber is a prevalent variety because it is able to keep its shape in poor weather conditions. Because this variety is a heavy cropper it makes it ideal for growing indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to many of the usual pests and diseases. British cucumbers produce dark green fruits that have a thin skin, are cylindrical and have a white core making them great as a slicing cucumber.

Sowing Guidelines for British Cucumber Seeds

  • Can be sown indoors making sure the area has plenty of light and warmth to encourage growth. Ideal germination temperatures are between 20 – 25 degrees celsius.
  • Germination takes between 7 to 10 days and fully matures between 60 to 70 days—sowing seeds 1″ deep in good compost or fertile soil.
  • If planting straight outdoors make sure it is warm enough and in a sheltered sunny area.
  • Transplanting should take place no later than 3 weeks as the cucumbers have a tap root which is very fragile.
  • British cucumbers grow and germinate when the summer is in full swing, making sure to keep the soil moist to avoid producing bitter fruit.
  • Harvest fruit to allow the plant to reproduce fruit readily.

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