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How to Sow Busy Lizzie Seeds

How to Sow Busy Lizzie Seeds

Busy Lizzies are a stunning, fragile plant with large long-lasting blooms. Producing an array of mixed colour petals, makes them the perfect plant for growing in containers, garden hanging baskets, windowsills and borders. With their origins residing in eastern Africa, busy lizzies are edible and will add a splash of colour salads, or to add sweetness to teas or cold drinks. Busy Lizzies get the best results in full sun with partial shade and some cover. This will allow plants to fully bloom.

Advice on Growing Busy Lizzie Seeds

  • Busy Lizzies can be grown indoors at any time of the year, in an area with sufficient warmth, and sunlight.
  • Fill a container with fresh seed compost and moisten. Sow seeds on the surface and if possible lightly cover seeds in vermiculite. Covering the pots with a polythene wrap or a plastic lid, will help to keep moisture inside. This aids the germination process and keeps pests out.
  • The germination period is between 14 to 21 days with the ideal temperature being between 21-25 degrees.
  • Can be transplanted outdoors after any chance of frost has passed. Busy Lizzies need time to acclimatize to the outdoors before transplanting to their final place using a spacing of 12″.
  • You can harvest the flowers once bloom to be used in cooking or beverages adding a delicate texture and sweet taste.

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