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How to Sow Exhibition Long Beetroot Seeds

How to Sow Exhibition Long Beetroot Seeds

A large variety of beetroot, which is commonly grown in the United Kingdom. Cylindrical in shape, with a dark red/purple skin. Long beetroot, once fully grown will reach a length of approximately 8 inches. The sweet inner flesh is perfect for slicing, when used in dishes, soups and stews. A disease resistant vegetable, which will grow very well in small areas, with limited space. Once harvested, keep long beetroot in a cool dry place to maximize storage times. Long beetroot is also known as cylindra beetroot, used for shows/exhibitions or general cooking.

How to Grow Beetroot from Seeds

  • For outdoor sowing, plat beetroot seeds in spring. Ensure the ground is warm, with no more frosts due for the year. Soak seeds in warm water for 1 hour, before planting. This will increase germination rates.
  • If sowing at any other time. Plant seeds in a greenhouse, or on a sun facing windowsill in pots or modules.
  • Sow 1cm deep in fresh compost. For outdoors, sow in rows allowing 30cm of space between each row.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of around 5cm. Thin to 8cm apart. Allow to grow on, keeping soil moist but not over watered.
  • Once long beetroot reach a minimum of 5″ long, they are ready to harvest. Allow to grow on, for much larger beetroot.

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