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How to Sow Mixed Colour Nemesia Stumosa Flower Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Colour Nemesia Stumosa Flower Seeds

Blooming in beautiful shades of pink, red, yellow and white. Mixed colour nemesia strumosa is an easy to sow and grow, compact bedding plant, that is native to sandy coasts and south Africa. Also known as carnival mix, this garden favourite provides a bushy array of colour to pots, containers, windowsills, balconies or just about anywhere with soil. Nemesia is a half hardy annual, which will reach a maximum height of 30cm, once fully grown.

Guidance for Sowing Mixed Colour Nemesia Strumosa from Seed

  • Mixed colour nemesia strumosa can be sown indoors in plant pots, containers, hanging baskets and window boxes in an area with plenty of light and warmth.
  • Sow seeds at a depth of 1/4″ in moist fine compost. If sowing outdoors, start in early spring keeping the soil moist but well drained. Germination should take between 10-12 days, under ideal conditions.
  • Transplant seedlings when big enough to handle, with a plant spacing between 5 to 6″ to allow room to grow.
  • Pinch out tips to encourage healthy new growth and water freely when the ground is dry over a long period.
  • Pinch longer tips, to create a bushier plant. Cut back spent flowers, to encourage a secondary growth of flowers.

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