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How to Sow Giant Cape Daisy Seeds

How to Sow Giant Cape Daisy Seeds

Giant cape daisies originate from South Africa, this helps them to tolerate a lot of heat, sun and even drought. These beautiful daisies will flower prolifically throughout the summer months. With stunning 4″ creamy white daisy flowers, plus a dark multicoloured centre which will reach a height of 2 feet tall. Around the flower is silvery foliage.

Growing Giant Cape Daisy Seeds

  • Will grow indoors in an area with plenty of light like a windowsill or conservatory and enough warmth to promote growth.
  • Using a fine grade, high quality seed compost. plant seeds around 1/8″ deep, in an area which receives lots of sunlight.
  • Germination takes place between 15 to 20 days with 80 to 90 days until they are fully mature.
  • During the germination process keep seeds between 21 to 24c as this variety of daisies thrive in warm temperatures.
  • Sowing seeds outdoors wait until early spring undercover, when the soil has time to warm up in an area with full sun and water moderately.
  • Once the daisies have grown large enough to handle you can transplant them to their final location.
  • Ensure not to over water, these plants are native to hot, dry areas and are very tolerable to drought.

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