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How to Sow Garlic Chinese Chive Seeds

How to Sow Garlic Chinese Chive Seeds

Garlic Chinese chive, is known by more than one name, depending on where you are in the world. From garlic chives to Oriental garlic and Asian chives to name a few. Garlic Chinese chives consist of long flat grass like leaves, which reaches a fully grown height of 12″. Accompanied by a white blossoming flower. The stem and flower are both edible, with both having a distinct garlic flavour to them. Harvesting only a few stems at a time, will help to maintain a consistent supply of chives.

Advice for Growing Garlic Chinese Chives from Seed

  • Garlic Chinese chive can be grown indoors any time of the year, in an area with plenty of light like a windowsill or conservatory.
  • You can Sow seeds outdoors once the last frost has passed, sow into fresh soil or compost at a depth of 1/4″ then cover with a 1/4″ of soil. Keeping soil moderately moist, will increase germination rates.
  • The germination process can take between 10 to 14 days, with chive plants taking around 3 months to fully mature.
  • If you want to transplant wait until the seedlings are about 2″ in height giving them 12 to 18″ spacing.
  • To have a constant harvest from this plant, harvest when the leaves are mature cutting them at the base to promote regrowth.

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