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How to Sow Giant Ammi Majus Seeds

How to Sow Giant Ammi Majus Seeds

Also known as bishops flower, lace flower and bulwort. This stunning plant produces large, white umbrella shaped blooms. Great when grown alongside most other garden plants. Adult ammi majus will reach a maximum growing height of 140cm, this makes them a great cut flower for displays and bouquets. Flowers sit on top of multiple branches, on long stems. A self seeding hardy annual wildflower plant, which has the ability to spread up to 50cm from its original growing location. Similar to cows parsley and queen annes lace, ammi majus is commonly found in woodland areas.

Growing Giant Ammi Majus Wildlfower Plants from Seeds

  • Can be sown outdoors in the ground, from April through to June. Great when started in seed trays or small pots, for outdoor transplanting later on.
  • Ideal germination temperatures are between 12-24 degrees celsius. If growing in colder months, ensure sufficient heat is provided.
  • Use a high quality fine seed compost, or well worked garden soil. Plant seeds approximately 1.5mm deep. Do not cover fully as ammi majus seeds will need light.
  • Place them in a sunny location, which receives plenty of warmth. Germination can take a max of 3 weeks under ideal conditions.
  • Keep soil moist, waiting until seedlings reach a height of 3 inches before transplanting. Perfect in borders, pots, containers, planters or outdoors alongside most garden plants.

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