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How to Sow Pure White Cosmos Seeds

How to Sow Pure White Cosmos Seeds

A lovely annual flower, which mixes well with most other garden flowers. Both the foliage and flower heads of cosmos are unique, growing to approximately 30 – 36 inches in height. Flower heads will reach a size of around 4 inches in diameter. Great in gardens, on windowsills, in pots or containers. One of the easier annuals to grow and care for, white cosmos will bloom throughout summer, until the first frosts. A hardy annual, which will tolerate varying weather and soil conditions once grown. This makes white cosmos the perfect flower for outdoor displays. Regularly cultivated and used as a cut flower, in vases and bouquets.

Is White Cosmos Easy to Grow from Seed?

  • Best started indoors at anytime, on a sun facing windowsill or in a greenhouse. Use pots or seed trays. If starting outdoors, position under cover. in a place which receives plenty of sunlight. Using a fine grade seed compost will help the seeds to germinate. Ideal temperatures to germinate cosmos seeds are between 20 – 24 degrees celsius.
  • Cover cosmos seeds with 1/4″ of compost, make sure the area is kept moist throughout the germination process. If planting outdoors, wait until the ground is warm, and there is no more danger of frosts.
  • Germination under ideal conditions, will take between 5-10 days. Once the seedlings reach over 3 inches tall, they can be transplanted. If seedlings are bunched together, thin to around 12 inches apart. This will allow adequate space for each plant to establish root systems.
  • Healthy cosmos plants will resow themselves, ensuring consistent blooms year on year. They are very resistant to drought, be sure to water adult plants, when the soil drys out for a prolonged period.

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