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How to Sow Caribbean Callaloo Tri Colour Seeds

How to Sow Caribbean Callaloo Tri Colour Seeds

This variety of Caribbean callaloo is used extensively in Caribbean cuisine, producing heart shaped leaves with the inner part of the leaf being red. You can use Caribbean callaloo like spinach or as its replacement. The baby leaves can be used in salads and the bigger leaves can be used in cooking. This variety also loves the heat and dry conditions, unlike other callaloo.

Watch the video: to see Welldales seeds being sown by our gardening guru Graeme!

How to Grow Caribbean Callaloo Tri Colour from Seed

  • Caribbean callaloo can be sown and grown indoors as a fully mature plant or as a microgreen in an area with lots of light and warmth. Ideal germination temperatures are between 18-23 degrees.
  • Sowing directly outdoors after the last frost has passed. Ideally during warm periods. Place pots or seed trays in an area which receives lots of sunlight.
  • Sow seeds on the surface and barely cover them with a layer of fine soil or compost, lightly firm down, keeping the soil moist and well drained.
  • Plant this variety where you want the plant to grow as Caribbean callaloo doesn’t like to be transplanted.
  • Harvest small young leaves to go into salads or wait for them to mature and use them in cooking.

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