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How to Sow Dutch Brown Onion Seeds

How to Sow Dutch Brown Onion Seeds

Known as dutch rijnsburger, this variety of onion has copious amounts of very sweet white flesh. With crispy brown skin and a large body. Dutch onion is the ideal addition to a wide variety of dishes. From salads to burgers, once harvested expect a long shelf life from healthy onions. Commonly grown in greenhouses, gardens and allotments.

Growing Dutch Rijnsburger Brown Onions from Seed

  • Can be sown indoors at any time, providing a minimum temperature of 15 degrees celsius. If sowing outdoors, start seeds from Feb until late April.
  • Best sown under/behind glass, in seed pots or seed trays. Using a high quality seed compost, spread seeds sparingly over the surface. Only cover lightly, with vermiculite or compost.
  • If sowing in the ground outdoors, plant seeds around half an inch deep in shallow drills. Ensure the ground is well worked and not clumped.
  • Seedlings which have been sown behind glass, can be placed in a cold frame for 2-3 weeks to harden them, ready for outdoor planting.
  • When transplanting seedlings, be sure to allow 15cm between each one. This ensures sufficient space, for each onion to retrieve nutrients from the surrounding ground.

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