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How to Sow Purple Giant Aubergine Seeds

How to Sow Purple Giant Aubergine Seeds

Purple giant aubergine is the most popular variety, because it is a heavy crop. Seeds germinate into a giant egg shaped vegetable, growing to around 5 to 6″, but is technically a berry by botanical definition. With deep purple coloured skin and flesh that is a pale yellow, smooth with a crisp texture. Aubergine is native to Southeast Asia and used extensively in cooking as it is great in a salad, in stews or even in curries.

Sowing guide for Purple Giant Aubergine From Seed

  • Sowing seeds directly outdoors from early spring once the last frost has passed, at a depth of 1/4″ covering lightly with a layer of fine soil.
  • The germination process takes between 10 to 20 days keeping the soil temperature above 21 to 26C and approximately 80 days to fully mature.
  • The plant is ready for transplanting when they reach a height of 3 to 4″, with a spacing of 20 to 30″.
  • The plant may require support when growing and will also need help to keep pests such as slugs and snails away, especially during the germination period.
  • Use a potassium rich fertilizer when watering once a week.
  • To help aid the plant to grow more aubergines, harvest the fruit before the shine of the skin has faded.

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