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How to Sow Welldales Garden Wonderland Mixed Seeds

How to Sow Welldales Garden Wonderland Mixed Seeds

Welldales garden wonderland mix, has been specifically chosen by us at Welldales to be a variety of flowers that will bloom in the summer months. When sown in an area with medium or partial sunlight. They can also be used in baskets, pots, windowsill boxes and flower beds. Also can be scattered in a garden to create a homemade meadow.

Welldales Garden Wonderland Mixed Seed Growing Advice

  • Seeds can be sown from late autmun to early spring, be sure to de weed the area and ensure the top soil has been broken down.
  • Scatter the seeds over the desired area and rake in then firm the ground.
  • After the area has been firmed, water the area with a fine coating of water, but only if there is going to be no rain.
  • Can be sown indoors and will look great around the home in pots, containers, boxes and baskets.
  • Typically enjoys shade after germination. However for best results, ensure plenty of sunlight during the germination period.

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