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How to Sow Giant White Gem Parsnip Seeds

How to Sow Giant White Gem Parsnip Seeds

Giant white gem parsnip is a high yielding, reliable short root vegetable that has broad shoulders. Reaching a length of 45cm, with smooth white skin, white inside and crisp and flavourful taste. Giant white gem parsnips will tolerate most soil types, making them perfect for growing at home or on an allotment.

Growing Advice for Sowing Giant White Gem Parsnip Seeds

  • The germination process takes up to 3 weeks depending on the weather when planted directly outdoors. Can be sown indoors at any time, in large pots or containers.
  • Giant white gem parsnip require the soil to be free from stones, to allow the roots to grow straight. Using a high quality seed compost is essential, or ensure the ground is well worked, and has been treated with manure beforehand.
  • Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 1/2″ and rake over moist soil with a spacing of 12″.
  • Try to avoid too much rain and frost, as this will hinder the seeds during the germination period.
  • This root vegetable needs little to no attention until ready for harvest, you will know when they are ready when the tops die down.

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