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How to Sow Sweet Cherry Goji Berry Seeds

How to Sow Sweet Cherry Goji Berry Seeds

A bushy plant, which can reach over 12 feet in height when grown in the ground. Each seed has the potential to produce a stunning goji berry bush like tree, which if grown in pots, will only reach a maximum height of 5 feet tall. This makes them versatile, perfect for indoor or outdoor growing. Plants will produce an abundance of sweet red goji berries, which can be harvested for use in dishes, or eaten raw in salads. Patience is required when growing from seeds, as germination can take over 2 weeks, with plants reaching adult stages after 9-10 months. Seedlings require little care, making them the perfect ornamental tree to keep on windowsills or in pots & containers. Larger trees can be planted outdoors, if you require a larger yielding plant.

Growing Goji Berry Plants from Seed

  • Best started indoors, or outdoors when conditions are warm. Ideally in spring. Using a free draining, high quality seed compost.
  • Fill seed trays or pots, ensuring the soil is not too compact as this can prevent roots from spreading.
  • If sowing outdoors, mix compost with ground soil for better germination.
  • Ideal germination temperatures, are between 15-18 degrees. Sow seeds at a depth of 7mm, covering lightly, as they need light to germinate.
  • Allow a minimum of 14 days, placing in an area which receives full sunlight.
  • Once seeds have germinated, they can be placed in your desired area in pots. If starting late in the season outdoors, goji berry plants will need protection from their first winter. Space garden plants over 90cm apart, to allow sufficient root space.

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