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How to Sow Green Manure Wild White Clover Seeds

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How to Sow Green Maure Wild White Clover Seeds

Green Manure Wild White Clover Seeds are an ideal long-term green manure for sowing between crops like soft fruit. A blend of short and tall varieties creates a nitrogen-fixing network of creeping stems. Frost-tolerant and a weed suppressant. Sow from March to August at 1-2 gm per square meter. Lasts 2-5 years. Loved by tortoises

How to Grow Green Manure Wild White Clover from Seed

  • Soil Preparation Advice: Prepare the soil by ensuring it is well-draining and in good condition. Remove any weeds or debris and lightly rake the area to create a loose seedbed. Green Manure Wild White Clover prefers medium to moist soil locations and does not do well in extremely dry conditions
  • Seed Sowing Advice: Sow Green Manure Wild White Clover Seeds from March through the end of August. Scatter the seeds thinly over the prepared area and lightly rake them into the soil at a depth of approximately 1/8 inch and a plant spacing of 4 to 6 inches. Avoid sowing too densely to allow the plants ample space to grow and spread
  • Germination: Green Manure Wild White Clover Seeds typically germinate within 14 to 24 days. Ensure the seeds are exposed to full sun during the germination period and maintain a suitable temperature range for successful germination. The optimal germination temperature is around 10 to 25°C (50 to 77°F). Keep the soil consistently moist to support seedling emergence
  • Light Requirements: Green Manure Wild White Clover thrives in full sun exposure, making it best suited for sunny locations in your garden or growing area
  • Thinning and Trimming: Once the plants have been established and grown, thin them if necessary to ensure proper spacing. Avoid heavy strimming or trimming, as Green Manure White Clover does not appreciate aggressive pruning

How to Care for Green Manure Wild White Clover Seeds

  • Maintenance: To maintain the health of the green manure, ensure the soil remains moderately moist, particularly during the germination and establishment phases. Regularly monitor the soil moisture and water as needed to support the growth of the clover
  • Frost Tolerance: Green Manure Wild White Clover is frost-tolerant, making it a resilient choice for your garden. This frost tolerance also contributes to its effectiveness as a weed suppressant
  • Duration and Uses: Green Manure White Clover can last between 2 to 5 years, depending on your specific requirements. It serves as an excellent green manure, fixing nitrogen and enriching the soil, making it ideal for sowing between long-standing crops, such as soft fruit

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