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How to Sow Giant Numex Sandia Pepper Seeds

How to Sow Giant Numex Sandia Pepper Seeds

Giant numex Sandia is a variety of chilli, that has been refined to be a milder chilli. The plants will grow to reach a full height between 24 to 26″. Providing a continuous crop when chillies have been harvested. Each plant can yield two types of chillies, harvest early for mild chillies, or allow to mature for a stronger taste and heat. Harvest chillies to promote new fruits to grow. This variety is widely used and mostly used picked, dried or roasted.

Cultivation Advice for Growing Giant Numex Sandia from Seed

  • Can be grown indoors in pots, containers and even window boxes with plenty of sunlight like a window, conservatory or greenhouse.
  • Sowing seeds directly outdoors after the last frost has passed and the ground has warmed up.
  • Sow seeds at a depth of 1/4″ keeping the soil moist and well drained.
  • The germination period takes between 10 to 21 days with the soil temperature needing to be at least 21C.
  • When seedlings get two pairs of leaves they can be transplanted to their final location with a rootball 1/2″ below.
  • Keep soil moist and well fed with tomato fertilizer for the best flavour and taste.

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