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How to Sow Violet Sky Petunia Seeds

How to Sow Violet Sky Petunia Seeds

Featuring soft, velvet like petals which will change colour towards the end of the season. A versatile plant, which will initially grow upwards as an upright half hardy annual. As the colours change from a blue, to a deep purple. The stems will then begin to trail, which makes them perfect for hanging baskets. Blooms will reach a maximum diameter of 4″ once fully grown. Also known as petunia nana compacta royal blue, this british favourite makes a stunning addition to indoor or outdoor displays. Stems will reach a maximum length of 15 inches once adult stages are reached. This takes approximately 3-6 months.

Growing Violet Sky Petunias from Seeds

  • Best when germinated in very warm conditions. Ensure a minimum temperature of 21 degrees is maintained at all times, during the germination period. This can take a maximum of 21 days from sowing.
  • Gently firm seeds into a high quality compost, ensure not to cover fully as they need plenty of light to germinate. Use small pots or seed trays which can be covered, in an polythene wrap or bag.
  • Ensure the compost is moist before wrapping, placing pots or trays in an area which receives full direct sunlight.
  • Check reguarly to ensure that moisture is retained inside. After 21 days, seedlings should have emerged with small stems.
  • Allow a few more days before removing the wrap. At this point, the seedlings can be transplanted to cooler conditions.
  • If planting seedlings outdoors, be sure to acclimatize over a period of 2 weeks.

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