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How to Sow Large Red Ball Cabbage Seeds

How to Sow Large Red Ball Cabbage Seeds

Known for large yields, this red cabbage is the ideal starter vegetable to grow at home, in allotments, greenhouses or outdoors. Once fully grown, red cabbage heads will reach a diameter of around 6 to 7 inches. Seeds once sown, will reach full maturity quickly. Cabbages can be harvested after 80 days. Also known as red acre cabbage and blaukraut. This variety is hardy to UK weather conditions, which makes them ideal for growing either indoors or outdoors. Cabbage heads are compact, with crispy red leaves which are perfect for salads, or for use as a side garnish.

Growing Red Cabbage Vegetables from Seed

  • Best sown indoors, or in a greenhouse when the temperature can be easily controlled. A minimum temperature of 15 degrees is required, which makes them ideal for behind glass germination.
  • Can be sown outdoors directly in the ground, during late spring and throughout the whole of summer. Sow seeds approximately 1/8″ of an inch deep in well worked soil.
  • If sowing in pots, then use a high quality seed compost which is a fine grade. Place in an area which receives plenty of sunlight, ensuring compost is kept moist.
  • If sowing in rows outdoors together, allow around 18 inches between seeds. This will ensure enough space for each seed to grow.
  • If the ground soil was used for growing cabbages in the previous season. Replenish ground nutrients with nutritious compost, this will ensure that seeds have enough to draw from the soil around them. Ideally plant in a location which was not used for cabbages in the previous season.

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