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How to Sow Mini Welsh Onion Seeds

How to Sow Mini Welsh Onion Seeds

A mini perennial, which is a member of the onion family. Welsh onions are great in vegetable patches and pots, as they take up only a small amount of space. Adult plants can reach a maximum of 12″ in height. These easy to grow vegetables originate in Asia, making them very similar to native Chinese spring onions. The word “Welsh” holds its original meaning, of the old english word “Welisc” which translates to “Foreign” in modern English language. Commonly grown for harvesting, or as a bunching ornamental plant. These fragrant onion/garlic vegetables will remain green throughout the year, producing fluffy white flowers from early Summer. It is recommended to deadhead blooms after flowering, to encourage continuous new onion growth.

Growing Mini Welsh Onion Plants from Seeds

  • Can be started indoors or behind glass at any time. Providing temperatures of between 15-20 degrees Celsius.
  • Ensure cover is provided from last frosts, until early spring onwards. windowsills, greenhouses, etc
  • Welsh onion seeds can be planted outdoors in the ground from late April, when temperatures are consistently warm.
  • Plant seeds around 1/2″ deep in fresh compost or well worked soil.
  • Use pots or seed trays if starting behind glass. For outdoors, keep a row spacing of 9″ between plants. 
  • Seedlings should begin to emerge within 10-14 days, providing plenty of sunlight and warmth.
  • Do not allow the soil to dry out, as the seeds need moisture, warmth & light to germinate.
  • Allow the seedlings to grow on for 5/6 weeks. After this point, they can be transplanted outdoors. Warm temperatures are only required in the early stages.
  • Be sure to acclimatize indoor sown seedlings to outdoor conditions, before planting out.
  • Adult plants prefer sunny or partially shaded conditions. They can be harvested in their second season, which allows enough time for plants to become established.

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