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How to Sow Pastel Painted Daisy Seeds

How to Sow Pastel Painted Daisy Seeds

Part of the daisy family, pastel painted daisy provide a stunning array of colours to gardens, greenhouses and windowsills. Flowers have a mix of tri coloured blooms, with bright pastel shades. Adult painted daises can reach heights of between 18-36 inches. A plant which has been grown and harvested and hardened in the UK. Also known as a Chrysanthemum Carinatum. These British staple florist favourites, make amazing cut flowers. This is a self seeding plant, which ensures consistent year on year blooms.

Pastel Painted Daisy Cultivation Advice

  • Best when sown on the surface of a high quality, fine grade seed compost. For outdoor sowing, start seeds from late winter until early summer. Start indoors at any time, preferably in a heated area under cover.
  • Seeds will begin to germinate approximately 5-21 days from initial planting.
  • Maintain a constant temperature of between 18-24 degrees for optimal germination.
  • Once the seedlings are large enough, transplant them to trays ready to be planted out.
  • Allowing more time for seedlings to establish before planting out, will help to harden them against bad weather.
  • Allow between 10-15 days for the plants to fully acclimatize outdoors. Do not plant out first seedlings during frosts/cold ground Outdoor daisies prefer a soil which drains well, in a sunny location.

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