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How to Sow Bouquet Blue Cornflower Seeds

How to Sow Bouquet Blue Cornflower Seeds

Common to UK cornfields, this particular variety of cornflower is grown and harvested for dishes, garnish & drinks. With stunning deep blue flowers, a spicy, clove like flavour and a sweet undertone. Cornflower is an easy flower to grow at home, indoors or outdoors. Each plant will produce double headed flowers, sitting on top of tall 80-100cm stems. This hardy annual will reproduce, ensuring a consistent supply of culinary flowers. Preferring full sun, cornflower is drought resistant and prefers to grow in well drained soil or compost. Versatile in dishes, cornflower can be used effectively in both sweet and savory meals.

Growing Blue Cornflowers for Cooking

  • Start seeds indoors, in seed pots at any time. Keep warm by placing near a radiator. Or sow directly in the ground, outdoors during warm times of the year. Do not sow outside when the ground is very cold or frozen. Allow plenty of sun early on.
  • Seeds will germinate approximately 5-10 days from being planted. For optimum results, keep a constant temperature of between 15-21 degrees. Sow cornflower seeds around 1/8″- 1/4″ deep in fresh ground soil or compost.
  • When planting seeds together in the ground, allow a minimum of 3-6 inches between seeds. This will allow each seed the space it needs to grow. Blue cornflowers tolerate a wide variety of soil types.
  • Once the seedlings reach 2-3 inches, they are large enough to be handled. If transplanting to their final location, allow 10-12″ between each plant. Allowing more time for seedlings to establish before transplanting, will ensure stronger blooms.

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