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How to Sow White Ball Cabbage Seeds

How to Sow White Ball Cabbage Seeds

A variety of cabbage, which is very tolerable to UK weather conditions. Growing between the leafy foliage, is a large, solid green head with crispy white flesh. A cold hardy vegetable, which is perfect for harvesting later in the year. Once harvested, white ball cabbage can store for a long time. It will grow well in trenches, rows, or even a large container. Once germination is complete, fully grown cabbages will be ready to harvest after around 90-100 days. Typically grown next to herbs such as chamomile, chives, mint & thyme.

Growing Cabbage from Seeds

  • The ideal time to sow cabbage seeds outdoors, is from March until May. This allows sufficient time before winter, so the cabbages can be harvested.
  • Prepare your seed bed with a high quality compost. If using ground soil, mix in with some compost if possible to increase ground nutrients.
  • Create rows, placing seeds around 2-3cm apart next to each other. If multiple rows are required, ensure a spacing of at least 20cm between rows.
  • As cabbage seeds become more established seedlings, they can be handled and thinned to 10cm apart. Once a height of around 3 inches is reached.
  • Once the cabbage plants exceed 15cm in height, they can then be transplanted to their final growing destination outdoors. After this point, allowing 45cm between plants will ensure each one receives sufficient nutrients and water from the ground.


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