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How to Sow Creeping Rose Gypsophila Seeds

How to Sow Creeping Rose Gypsophila Seeds

Creeping rose gypsophila, also known as babys breath or showy babys breath. Originates from Asia and Europe. This beautiful, delicate bushy flower, can grow to 45cm in height when fully grown. Producing an abundance of showy star shaped flowers, in various colours. Making it great to grow in hanging baskets, pots, borders, steep hillsides and even next to dry walls.

Creeping Rose Gypsophila Sowing from Seed Guide

  • It can be grown indoors in pots, containers or window boxes in a location with light and warmth. Ideal temperatures are between 18 and 22 degrees celisius.
  • Sowing creeping rose gypsophila directly outdoors during warmer months. Making sure the ground has been well worked and raked.
  • The germination period can take up to 21 days, once seeds have been sown keep soil moist but well drained.
  • Sow seeds at a depth of 1/8″ with a row spacing of 12″ in a location that gets full sun.
  • Can be sown indoors at any time, providing sufficient warmth. Cut back after flowering to encourage new flower growth.

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