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How to Sow Achillea White Yarrow Seeds

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How to Sow Achillea White Yarrow Seeds

Achillea is edible, goes great in butters, oil and it even makes a great cup of tea.  Also achillea is a famous herb and a great wildflower in a nice meadow or border. The foliage and the flowers are beautiful and long lasting. Achillea was used in the medieval times and was used for medicine and magic for a very long time. Achillea is also great as a dried flower in an arrangement.

Achillea Seed Germination Advice

  • Achillea seeds can be sown indoors at any time, make sure there is sufficient light and warmth to encourage growth.
  • Do achillea prefer sun or shade? For maximum germination, ensure achillea seeds receive full sun.
  • From mid-march, you can sow achillea, scattered sparingly. If you have fresh soil this will help with growth.
  • Placing in a warm greenhouse or behind glass will help germination.
  • Achillea seeds need a lot of light during the germination period, so take care not to cover.
  • Achillea may need to be thinned and divided every couple of years.
  • Achillea flowers love lots of light and well drained soil for the best results.
  • Does achillea spread? Plants will, over time begin to spread at a fairly slow rate. If left in open soil, you can expect achillea flowers to start spreading.

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