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How to Sow Mixed Pastel Giant Winter Pansy Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Pastel Giant Winter Pansy Seeds

Also known as winter hiemalis, this variety of winter flowering plants, will produce a stunning bloom of mixed colour flowers from January, until late May. This adds a variety of colour to winter gardens. Included in each seed pack are pastel shades of blue, yellow, purple and white seeds. A half hardy annual in temperate climates, winter pansy is early flowering which makes them ideal for borders, planters, pots, containers and hanging baskets. For seeds sown after late summer, plant out in early Autumn. Alternatively, plant in a cold frame to plant outdoors in spring.

Sowing Winter Pansies from Seeds

  • Best started indoors in complete darkness. Ensure the room has a temperature of between 17-24 degrees.
  • Using a quality seed compost, plant seeds in trays or pots around 1/4″ deep. Cover with a wrap or cling film, to maintain inner moisture.
  • Germination will take between 17-24 days under ideal conditions. Once seedlings reach a height of around 1″ remove film, placing in an area which receives plenty of sunlight.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of over 3″ they become much more tolerable to cooler climates. Heat is only required for early stages of germination.
  • Before planting out, acclimatize plants for around two weeks. This helps them harden and become more tolerable to colder winter conditions. After then, they will do very well when left to grow outdoors.

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