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How to Sow Herb Borage Blue Seeds

How to Sow Herb Borage Blue Seeds

Typically used in Italian dishes, this herb is popular among chefs. Featuring a strong flavour, which adds a nice taste to salads, cream cheese, soups or even as a side garnish. Once fully grown, adult borage will reach a height of around 36 inches. Each plant will produce dark green leaves, which will replenish if selectively harvested. Borage will grow in many places, including indoors on windowsills, in conservatories or balconies. Or outdoors in gardens, pots or containers. Borage was introduced to the United Kingdom by the Roman empire. Over time, this has helped generations acclimatize to British weather conditions.

How to Grow Blue Borage from Seed

  • If starting indoors, sow borage around 1/4″ deep in a quality seed compost. Sow in pots, containers or trays. If starting outdoors, sow in rows 1/4″ deep. Ensure the ground is well worked and not cold.
  • Can be sown under cover, outdoors from the beginning of April. At this point, the weather should be consistently warm enough, for good germination rates. Grow in a compost which is of a fine grade, and is well drained.
  • Borage will grow best under temperatures of between 15-25 degrees. Starting indoors helps to prevent evening temperature drops, from affecting germination.
  • Ensure the soil does not dry out, with germination taking place after around 10-15 days. Place in a sunny location for best results. Behind glass works great.
  • Once seedlings have reached a height of over 3 inches, they can be transplanted. Thin to 30cm apart and allow to grow on.

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