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How to Sow Super Green Chopsuey Seeds

How to Sow Super Green Chop Suey Seeds

Super green chop suey is also known as shungiku and tong hao. A very easy variety to sow and grow at home, indoors and outdoors. Producing plenty of leafy greens, that can be cooked or eaten raw. Commonly cooked in dishes alongside a variety of meat, vegetables, rice and noodles. Because of its sweet and sour taste.

Cultivation advice for Growing Super Green Chop Suey from Seed

  • Can be sown and grown indoors in pots, containers and window boxes in a location that gets plenty of light like a windowsill or conservatory.
  • The germination period takes between 7 to 10 days and fully matures between 30 to 90 days. Press the seeds into the soil gently and cover them with a fine layer of soil. During the germination period keep the soil moist but well drained.
  • Can be sown directly outdoors, avoiding the hotter months as this will make the chop suey bloom faster and this will affect the taste and texture.
  • Once the shoots reach a height between 15 to 20cm they are ready to harvest, smaller stems and leaves will be more tender and have better flavour.
  • Seeds can be sown at two different times of the year, firstly from March to May and then from September to October.

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