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How to Sow Habanero Orange Chilli Pepper Seeds

How to Sow Habanero Orange Chilli Pepper Seeds

Once grown, habanero orange plants will yield extremely hot peppers. On average, habanero is around 12 – 100 times hotter than a jalapeno. The orange peppers have thin walls, are acorn in shape and are incredibly hot to taste. Adult plants will reach a maximum height, of around 36 inches. Once grown, be sure to handle with care. Use protective gloves when breaking down stems, or when picking peppers. This is due to their heat rating of between 100,000 – 350,000 SHU. A very popular pepper used across the world, from India to Jamaica.

Growing Orange Habanero Chilli Pepper Plants from Seed

  • In the early stages of growth, ensure the seedlings receive plenty of warmth and sunlight. Best started in conservatories, on windowsills, or in a greenhouse.
  • For optimal germination, keep temperatures above 21 degrees. Seedlings should emerge within 10 – 21 days providing the below conditions.
  • Using a high quality seed compost or soil, plant the habanero seeds around 1/14″ deep. Great in small starter pots, as they can be transplanted more easily later on.
  • Ensure the pots receive lots of light and consistent warm temperatures. Once the plants reach around 5 inches tall, they can be transplanted.
  • Ensure seedlings are kept at least 18 inches apart. The ball of roots should be no lower than half an inch into the soil when transplanting.
  • Habanero chilli peppers should be ready to harvest, after approximately 90 days from germination.

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