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How to Sow Double Zinnia Seeds

How to Sow Double Zinnia Seeds

The unusual mix of deep rose and burgundy, combined with the cream accents, and yellow rings of florets ensures that the Zinnia is distinctively eye catching. The compact, half hardy annual, full-double flowers pertain to approximately 2 inches in diameter, with long stems at approximately 10 inches tall, which ensure versatility for borders and/or cutting. In order to increase the chance of repeat flowering, it is beneficial to deadhead where appropriate.

Grow Double Zinnia Plants from Seeds

  • Prior to the last frost, sow thinly under cover for 4-6 weeks in a good quality seed compost; lightly covering with soil, and keeping moist.
  • In well drained soil throughout early summer, seeds can be grown outdoors however seedlings will still need warmth and protection from pests.
  • Germination occurs within approximately 5 -10 days. Ideal temperatures for germination are consistently around 21 degrees.
  • Thin out and transfer into trays when they’re large enough to handle, continuing to grow in cooler conditions.  Feed monthly .
  • Pinching back young plants will ensure bushier growth, while removing any faded blossoms will prolong flowering.

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