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How to Sow Pom Pom Lilliput Seeds

How to Sow Pom Pom Lilliput Seeds

For a range of stunning colours, mixed lilliput are a fantastic choice for homes or gardens. Double blooms grow on long 45-50cm tall stems. Each pack contains a mixture of the following colours, yellow, pink, orange, purple and cherry shades. Tightly packed petals make these plants perfect as a cut flower, for vases, or just about anywhere. Can be grown easily in the UK, with blooms alone being around 2-3cm. Should i soak zinnia lilliput seeds before planting? Lilliput do not need to be soaked, for best germination rates, only water while in compost/soil during germination.

Sowing Mixed Colour Zinnia Lilliput Seeds

  • The best place to sow zinnia lilliput seeds is under cover. Choose a bright windowsill, greenhouse or sheltered sunny area.
  • Select a good seed sowing compost, or fertilized soil. Optimum temperatures for germination are between 18 – 23 degrees.
  • Sow sparingly in your growing medium, ensuring the compost/soil is very well drained. Only cover lightly, allowing lots of light to enter.
  • Once placed in their final position, lilliput seeds should germinate within around 5-10 days. Leave seedlings to establish.
  • Once the stems have shown strong leaves, you can then transplant to their final destination. This can be a much cooler area.
  • Feeding liiliput plants only once a month is best. You can also detach any flowers which are becoming faded, as this prolongs the blooming period for stronger flowers.

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