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How to Sow Giant Blue Pansy Seeds

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How to Sow Giant Blue Pansy Seeds

Are all types of pansies edible? Yes, the flowers, stamen, pistil and sepals can all be eaten. The pansy family is a stunning variety, with blooms of many bright colours. Blue pansies have an abundance of deep blue coloured flowers, with a bright yellow centre. Grown easily in baskets, borders or containers. Ready for harvesting once fully grown. Blue pansy are fairly easy to sow and grow, with long blooming flowers.

Growing Blue Pansy From Seed

  • Pansies can be grown indoors at any time, be sure established flowers get enough warmth and sunlight to grow.
  • Plant seeds in fine soil or compost, keeping it moist. Cover them in around 1/16″ of fresh compost or soil. Be sure to cover completely.
  • Seeds need darkness and moist soil to get the best germination. Cover pots/trays in polythene wrap or plastic to retain moisture.
  • Once placed in darkness, allow between 10-20 days. Not all seeds will germinate at the same time, ensure the soil/compost is kept moist.
  • For later blooms plant outdoors between mid June to early September in mild winter areas.
  • with a spacing of 6 to 8 inches in between seedlings. You can transfer outside after the last frost, gradually acclimatizing the plants outdoors.

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