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How to Sow Blue Mini Forget Me Not Seeds

100 Blue Mini Forget me Not Seeds Hanging Basket or Border Flowers to Plant Grow

How to Sow Blue Mini Forget Me Not Seeds

Blue forget me not can be used in making sugared flowers using the petals and can also be used in baking as a decoration or as an ingredient. Blue mini forget me not are one of the most used bedding plant for early spring. This mat forming flowers into beautiful mini blue petals with a white and yellow centre and are self seeding which makes them excellent for ground cover. This hardy biennial is easy to grow and thrives in moist soil.

Advice on Sowing Blue Mini Forget Me not

  • Blue mini forget me not can be planted anytime indoors where sufficient sunlight is available.
  • If sowing directly outdoors, mid June to mid September for best results.
  • Can be scattered to achieve ground cover to desired area.
  • Blue mini forget me nots will thrive best in moist soil.
  • You can transfer the plant to its final destination in late autumn.

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