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How to Sow Sweet William Seeds

How to Sow Sweet William Seeds

A very popular multi coloured flower, which is natively a biennial plant. Great when potted, or in containers. Sweet william produces flowers in a range of red, purple and white shades. These plants typically flower in mid summer, the following year from planting out. Originally from Asia and Southern Europe, it is commonly grown in gardens throughout the UK. With the correct care, sweet william will come back year after year. Should you cut back sweet william? For overwintering, it is best to prune shortly after blooming. If there are overgrown or thin stems, just remove them. This allows more resources to be redirected to healthier stems. Sweet william dianthus seeds will grow to be approximately 60cm tall.

How do you Grow Sweet William Seeds

  • Best sown in seed trays or small pots. Ensure seeds have plenty of space between them. This allows better established roots.
  • Using compost or potting soil, plant the seeds 1-2mm deep ensuring they are covered. Ensure the soil is kept fairly moist, for best germination.
  • Seeds will take around 1-2 weeks to germinate, ensure they receive plenty of light. You should see stems appearing after this.
  • After around-3-4 weeks, the plants should then be large enough to handle. Next transplant to their final potting position. Space plants around 30cm apart, making sure to cut back any weaker stems.
  • Once fully grown, sweet william will tolerate much cooler climates. They will happily self seed, if conditions are correct.

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