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How To Sow Perilla Shiso Red Seeds

How to Sow Perilla Shiso Red Seeds

An easy to grow herb, which is great starter plant if you are inexperienced in growing herbs. Red perilla has a much less spicier taste than the green perilla variety. The taste can be described as a sweet licorice flavour, which is an amazing addition to bland dishes, stews or as a seasoning. Harvested shiso is best used as a full leaf, or cut down into strips. The plants are classed as herbs, belonging to the lamaiceae mint genus. In the wild, you can find red shiso growing in mountainous regions of China and India.

Advice on How to Grow Red Perilla

  • Prepare your seed potting trays, or small pots with compost or fresh soil. Ensure plenty of space between seeds, which can be sown indoors at any time. Choose an area where temperatures are warm, preferably above 20 degrees.
  • Only lightly cover the seeds in your growing medium, keeping them in a slightly shaded area. If left in direct sunlight, this will decrease germination. Keep soil moist, however too much can cause root rot, preventing further growth.
  • A shaded area in a warm greenhouse, or a heated propagator. Are the ideal options for optimal germination. Perilla seeds will take a maximum of 28 days to germinate.
  • After reaching 4cm in height, seedlings should be large enough to handle. They can then be moved to their final planting location. Plants will then be more tolerable to British weather conditions.
  • To avoid being eaten by pests, place on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. Direct sunlight is perfectly fine for established perilla plants. After 70 days, plants should have reached full maturity and can be harvested. If left, perilla will spread, so selective harvest for a continuous yield.

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