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How to Sow Sweet Red Strawberry Seeds


How to Sow Sweet Red Strawberry Seeds

A heirloom variety of strawberry, which requires a good amount of care and attention to grow. Once strawberry plants reach adult stages, they will produce 3cm sweet, red strawberries. Once germinated, plants will grow very well in pots, hanging baskets or small containers. A bush plant, which will yield a consistently large amount of strawberries. If strawberry seeds are sown early enough in the year, they can produce strawberries in year one. Also known as Fragaria Vesca, these seeds were first available on the market in 1935 from a German seed merchant. A hardy perennial, which will flower from late spring, all the way until early frosts. Be sure to protect the strawberries from pests, as they are attracted to the sweet aroma.

Growing Strawberries from Seed

  • Using the seal bag provided, place seeds inside the refrigerator for between 2-4 weeks. This process, known as cold stratification is a period of extended cold. This simulates winter conditions, allowing the seeds to end their period of dormancy.
  • Once cold stratification is complete, allow 1 day for them to reach normal room temperature. If sowing outdoors, sow from late February in seed pots or small trays. Strawberry seeds can be started indoors at any time, providing sufficient warmth behind glass.
  • Using a fine grade seed compost, sprinkle seeds sparingly across the surface. Only cover lightly, placing pots in a semi shaded area. Ensure the soil is kept moist and does not dry out. You can sow all of the seeds in one tray or small container.
  • Keep a minimum temperature of 18 degrees. Once germination starts, the seeds cannot become cold. Be patient as germination can take over two weeks. However, once seedlings grow their second set of leaves. Germination is complete.
  • Once plants have reached over 3 inches, thin out seedlings. Allow at least 4 inches between each plant, to avoid root interference. Strawberry plants will not grow in soil which has had potatoes, aubergines, raspberries or tomatoes grown in it, within three years.

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