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How to Sow Mini Cucumber Gherkin Seeds

How to Sow Mini Cucumber Gherkin Seeds

Mini cucumber gherkin will produce an abundance of small fruits, that are great for pickling. Onces plants are established, mini cucumbers can be harvested daily. The fruits are light green and ribbed. Can be grown in soil outdoors or under glass. Also known as Anulka F1, this variety is very resistant to diseases and viruses. Making it a popular choice for growing in the United Kingdom. Grows perfectly well on trellises, or other framework.

Guide for Growing Mini Cucumber Gherkin from Seed

  • Seeds are best sown in a propagator 1″ deep keeping the seeds warm, as they will not germinate in cold damp conditions. Ideal temperatures are from between 21-25 degrees.
  • Ideal conditions can be simulated by sowing under glass, or in a conservatory/sun facing windowsill in full sunlight.
  • The germination period takes between 7 to 14 days, with plants maturing after 50 to 60 days. keeping the soil moist at all times, this helps to avoid a bitter tasting cucumber.
  • Transplant seedlings no later than 3 weeks after seedlings emerge, as the tap root can be easily damaged.
  • If sowing seeds directly outdoors wait for mid summer or you can use a fleece to help keep them warm.
  • Harvest cucumbers regularly to have a continuous supply of fresh cucumbers.

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