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How to Sow Giant Zinnia Dahlia Seeds

How to Sow Giant Zinnia Dahlia Seeds

One the brightest flowers to grow, due to their stunning multi coloured pastel blooms. Once fully grown, giant zinnia dahlia will produce 4 to 5 inch in diameter yellow, red, coral, crimson, scarlet, purple, orange, and white flowers. Stems will reach a maximum length of 4 feet, which makes them a great cut flower for displays and vases. Petals are bright & glossy, creating a compact ball which is perfect for pots, trays, containers and borders. Seedlings will reach adult stages after approximately 60 days.

Grow Giant Zinnia Dahlia Plants from Seed

  • Best when sown indoors. If growing outdoors, wait until the ground is not due to be frozen again. The perfect outdoor sowing period is from April-September.
  • Ideal sowing temperatures are between 20-27 degrees celsius. Sow approximately 1/8″ deep in fresh compost, ensuring the compost is moist and well worked.
  • Place in an area which receives full sunlight & is warm. Behind glass is ideal, where temperatures can be easily controlled.  Germination will take between 7-14 days. Ensure the compost is kept relatively moist, but do not over water.
  • Once stems reach a length of 2″ they can be handled safely. After this point, the plants will grow on in much cooler conditions outdoors.
  • For a more bush like plant, pinch back early stem heads. Allow to grow normally for long stem giant zinnia dahlia. Feeding plants using a liquid feed once a month, will enhance growth and bloom colours.

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